New Book: #1 "Best Seller" Revelation 911

by Paul Begley and Troy Anderson

Revelation 911: How the Book of Revelation Intersects with Today's Headlines (Hardcover) – March 26, 2024


A riveting account of current events as foretold in the mysterious Book of Revelation.

A series of unparalleled apocalyptic events—predicted in a third of the Bible—is approaching. They will so shake the world that people’s hearts fail them for “fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth” (Luke 21:26).

In Revelation 911, Pastor Paul Begley—host of the syndicated television show The Coming Apocalypse reaching 45 million homes and a popular YouTube show with over 250 million views—and Pulitzer Prize–nominated investigative journalist and five-time #1 bestselling Troy Anderson show that signs of the approaching Apocalypse are accelerating exponentially. A catastrophic economic collapse and global conflagration could be next on the prophetic timeline. Then come the Antichrist, False Prophet, and a “mark of the beast” economic system. The authors also why the popular transhumanist movement, artificial intelligence, and top-secret government and military programs are linked with prophecies of the last days.

Despite its stunning disclosures, Revelation 911 offers hope, comfort, and blessings to help readers navigate this tumultuous time through the power, protection, and provision of the Holy Spirit.

Experience an enlightening collection of interviews with the media on Revelation 911. Praise Pastor Paul Begley and Troy Anderson for their exceptional work in shedding light on crucial topics. Dive deeper into understanding prophecy and its significance today!

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Stay tuned for the final segment of the video, where Troy Anderson and Paul Begley, co-authors of the new book "Revelation 911," engage in a thought-provoking discussion with CBN’s The Global Lane. They delve into how current world developments, ranging from artificial intelligence and potential economic systems to the anticipation of a third Temple in Jerusalem and even UFO sightings, intersect with biblical prophecy. Don't miss this insightful conversation on the relevance of these topics in understanding prophecy today.

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Pastor Paul Begley and Troy Anderson – Revelation 911
Author Q & A

In this exclusive Q & A, discover the divine inspiration behind the book and the urgency of its message as we watch signs of the end times unfolding daily in the news. As we delve into the depths of apocalyptic signs, what Pastor Begley calls the impending "Great Harvest Revival," and the battle between the forces of darkness and the unwavering power of Christ, we believe many will be compelled to reevaluate their beliefs and make a crucial decision that will shape destinies. Join us on this prophetic expedition and prepare to be forever changed by the revelations within Revelation 911.

What was your inspiration for Revelation 911?

It was a vision. The Lord came to me (Pastor Paul Begley) in a vision and began to show me in red letters, just like on the cover of the book, Revelation 911. The Lord spoke to me these words. “It’s about to happen. It’s coming upon mankind. Write this book.” It was very profound. I was still in the Spirit and when I came out of that, I realized God had spoken to me. What does He mean to write “this book”? I picked up the Bible and read Revelation 9 and began to absorb this chapter. God said, “It’s about to happen,” and so I asked, “What is about to happen? The releasing of Apollyon, but what comes with that?” That’s where you have the locusts and clouds of smoke and darkness, like releasing a band of demons, multiple global releases upon humanity. So, the inspiration was, “Okay, if that’s the case, then I need to send out the warning that this is about to happen. You haven’t seen anything yet. You think you’ve seen bad times; you haven’t seen this evil. It’s time to get right with God. It’s time to wake people up to the realization that events taking place around the world are the signs of the soon coming of Christ.” It was an inspired message from God. No doubt.

What does it feel like to have this book in the world?

It feels extremely important and it’s a great relief that the message of Revelation 911 is being released to the world. We’ve done what God directed us to do and now that it’s being released, we must take the ball and run with it. The timing is remarkable for different reasons. It’s coming out just a few days before the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse. The prophetic importance of this eclipse is in the book. Revelation 911 is for right now. The release of this book is important because the information in the book is in today’s headlines. When people read this book, it’s for right now, it’s relevant, it’s urgent, and it’s necessary that this information be assimilated among the populace. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6 NKJV). This is the information. This book is about the signs of the soon coming of Jesus Christ. It’s vitally important. We feel a sense of urgency. We want to get this book out to as many people as we can so people all around the world can prepare for the events that are about to be unfolding before our very eyes. When you talk about the “X” over America during the eclipse, the reason this is important is because it’s been almost seven years since the last eclipse that crossed America. This is a prophetic sign that America has become a target on God’s prophetic timeclock. When you read the Bible it’s all about the Middle East, nations in that part of the world, and, of course, America is not mentioned directly because Scripture was written before the discovery of America, but this eclipse is a prophetic sign. The Bible says in Genesis 1:14 (NKJV) that the Lord made the sun, the moon and the stars for “signs and seasons,” so these two solar eclipses crossing America – “X” marks the spot. To us, it’s God saying, “America, you are now in the target. You’re in the target of the prophetic timeline and things happening here are relevant to the rest of the world and will impact the rest of the world.” It’s also interesting that this “X” across America is coming shortly before the 2024 Presidential Election, which we all know is hugely important. These two solar eclipses, seven years apart, it’s God saying, “You are now the center, for whatever time that is, you’re very relevant in terms of prophetic events that are going to take place around the world.”

What makes this book special/unique?

This book, Revelation 911, gives people plenty of warnings of very near, on-the-brink events that will take place. We think the Ezekiel 38-39 war is just around the corner, unfortunately. We think the mark of the beast system is right now in the process of being perfected, and that’s why you are seeing this sense of urgency with all these agendas being forced upon the people, morally, culturally, economically, socially, politically, spiritually. These agendas—the United Nations calls it “Agenda 2030” and the World Economic Forum calls it “The Great Reset”—but in biblical terms it’s really the agenda of Satan, the agenda of Lucifer, to wreck humanity, to bring the entire world to its knees, longing for a messiah or a savior to save it because of all the wars, rumors of war, disease, famine, climate change, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. The world is going to be screaming for someone to help fix the problems, hunger, whatever it may be, and the world is going to be looking for this leader, which we call the Antichrist. Apollyon is going to be released with the hordes of hell, creating this total chaos upon the earth and causing the world to call for a savior. That’s not Jesus they are going to be looking for. They’re longing for a savior from among mankind, their messiah.

What kind of impact did writing Revelation 911 have on you personally?

In forty years of ministry, it is the single most important message I’ve (Pastor Paul Begley) have ever received from God. It’s a collection of revelations from the Lord, prophetic revelations, of soon coming events. It’s the single most important message God has ever given me, telling me this book, Revelation 911, must be written. When I think about all the sermons, all of them important for that moment, for that church, for that location, for that time, but this book, without question, is the single most important message to be delivered on a global scale, on a prophetic timeline in history, so to me it’s my life’s work. It’s the absolute most important message I’ve ever received from God.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while writing Revelation 911?

While writing Revelation 911, and all the research involved in it, Troy and myself (Pastor Paul Begley), really uncovered much more, uncovered the true depths of the plans that Lucifer must destroy and dethrone Christ, much greater than I ever anticipated. The further we got into the research, the more diabolical, the more premeditated the approach by the son of perdition is, the more I began to realize the roots of his wickedness are entrenched in global society. It is a vastly more diabolical plan from the very beginning, really it’s from the Garden of Eden until now, that Satan has been working a plan to dethrone Christ, the Son of God, who has been sitting at the right hand of His Father the whole time, except when He was born in a stable in Bethlehem, and so during that whole process Lucifer has been trying to figure out how to destroy the Son of God, to dethrone Christ and take it all over, even the universe and God Himself. In the research for this book, involving dozens and dozens of interviews with highly respected experts and insiders and the review of hundreds of books and thousands of news articles, the depth of this wickedness emerges in unparalleled waves. It’s way worse than I ever dreamed. What you see on the surface of world events is nothing compared to the depths of utter darkness within the roots of profound evil at work in our world. But we also learn of the power of the blood of Christ and the victory that we have in overcoming that plan. It also in the research for this book that we’re able to recognize that Christ is unstoppable, that God’s prophecies cannot change and will not change, and the return of Jesus, His Bride, is unstoppable. We learn about His mercy and compassion and unwavering agape love for humanity, so as bad as Satan is, how much greater Christ is.

How are you reflected in Revelation 911?

Other than receiving this inspiration, this divine revelation to bring forward Revelation 911, I (Pastor Paul Begley) see myself as basically a messenger. I recognize how small I am and how big God is, and truly if we trust in Christ and completely let Him have His way in our life, the true depths of God’s love will be revealed in our lives. The humbler you are the more strength you get with God. I see myself as a messenger, and I see myself using this book (Revelation 911) to help lead multiple hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to Christ. That’s the goal of the book, to warn folks what is coming and to show them the way, to show them that Christ is the only way and hope for all of us.

What do you hope readers will take away from Revelation 911?

We hope their eyes are opened. This is an eye-opening book. There will be information shared in this book that you have never heard of. Some people who are students of prophecy have heard some of these things but even they will be amazed at the explosive information they will read in this book, the depths of it. So, first we hope people will be awakened and open their eyes spiritually to the world. Number two, we hope that people will say to themselves, “What am I doing? I need to give my life to Christ and get serious with Christ.” We pray this book will cause you to draw closer to God, not to live in fear, it’s not to bring fear, but to bring victory in overcoming, to help believers become stronger in their faith, to become overcomers, and for unbelievers to open their eyes. “I need to give my life to Christ. It’s not going to go away. The world is not going to get better, but I need to be on the winning team.” At the end of the day, we hope Revelation 911 opens the eyes of millions of people, and that they give their hearts to God.

What aspect of Revelation 911 are you most excited to share?

I’m (Pastor Paul Begley) excited to talk about a lot of these things. I’m excited to tell people about, first of all, from a biblical perspective, I’m excited to show them what this chapter, Revelation 9, is about, what is the bottomless pit, who is Apollyon, does CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland) play role in all these apocalyptic signs, why are they important? I hope to show people that these rapid cultural changes we’re seeing happen that seem so demonic are part of what the Bible says will characterize the end times. Man, there is so much in this book to share—the salvation message at the end of the book and the revival. At the end of the day, the salvation message and the great hope for the greatest revival to ever hit the world, to be a part of that, to inspire revival, renewal, repentance, restoration, that’s the most important thing I hope to share out of this book, absolutely.

What has been the hardest chapter/portion of the book to write and why?

The last chapter, “The ‘Great Harvest Revival’ and You.” The previous chapters cover events mostly that are in the process of happening. “The Great Reset” hasn’t yet been implemented, but it’s in process. “Ground Zero of the Apocalypse” is an event that did happen. A lot of these things are in process, but when you get to verse eleven of Revelation 9, “The Destroyer,” the Third Temple, the Antichrist, what’s next? This is the most difficult question to answer. We’re in the ballpark, and Christ’s return is a lot closer than we think. Everything is in play, in motion, so how does this conclude, the finality of it all, that’s really where we are at. The devil fought this book tooth and nail, starting with your (Troy Anderson’s) wife Irene who spent 17 days in the hospital with severe Covid pneumonia, severe sepsis, acute pancreatitis and other life-threatening conditions. A doctor told you she only had a fifty-fifty chance to live. Our ministry, along with Battle Ready Ministries and your small group, prayed for her fervently, and we believe the Lord miraculously saved her life. That was just one of many trials we endured as we worked to bring this message to the world. My dad was in and out of the hospital with pneumonia and Covid, there’s been a lot of battles. The devil came against this book; there is no doubt about it. Our literary agent was very sick after we signed with Salem Books. Satan did not want this book to be written. The forces of darkness have shown great resistance against this because this book is one of the strongest books ever written, revealing the plans of the enemy. It really does. It says what is really going on. Satan is behind it all, but he loses. He’s going to lose, and we are winning.

Authors’ Quote

“We believe the readers of Revelation 911 will have their eyes opened and become wide open to the realization of the hidden agendas behind today’ world events. We believe they will discover the hidden dark secrets and agenda of Lucifer’s plan to dethrone Christ. We hope people will come to this conclusion and the reality that they must make a determination of who they are going to serve. Are they going to serve the beast? Are they going to serve Christ? Their eyes are becoming opened and there is a realization that they must decide who they are going to serve. You can’t read this book and never think about it again. You will never be the same. When you read this book, you will never be the same. It never leaves you. You will know in your mind and soul that you must decide, decide who you are going to serve. Apollyon and the Lucifer regime and the beast, or are you going to follow the Christ? We hope this book leads you to this point that, “Wow, I’ve got to decide. Am I going to serve the beast or the Christ? Revelation 911 will take you to the point where you must decide.”

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About Pastor Paul Begley: Ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall in the LeSEA organization of South Bend, Indiana, Pastor Paul Begley is a renowned figure in evangelism and Bible prophecy. Hosting the weekly telecast The Coming Apocalypse, reaching 45 million homes, and running the popular YouTube channel PaulBegley34 with over 250 million views, Pastor Paul, described by the media as America’s “most entertaining doomsday preacher,” brings decades of experience to the forefront. His internet ministry and gospel CDs have touched lives globally, with recent revivals held in Odisha, India. Find out more at

About Troy Anderson: A Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, Troy Anderson boasts an impressive career with five #1 bestselling books like The Babylon Code (FaithWords/Hachette Book Group, 2015), The Military Guide to Armageddon(Chosen Books/Baker Publishing Group, 2021) and now Revelation 911(Salem Books, Regnery Publishing, 2024). As an award-winning journalist and founder and president of the Inspire Literary Group, Anderson has contributed to major media outlets such as Reuters, Newsmax and Townhall and gained recognition for his impactful work. He spent two decades working as a reporter, bureau chief and editorial writer at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers and served as executive editor of Charisma magazine and Charisma Media. His collaboration with Pastor Paul Begley in Revelation 911 has already secured a #1 "Best Seller” and #1 "Hot New Release” status on Amazon. Discover more about Anderson at www.troyanderson.usand

Pastor Begley introduces the Revelation 911: How the Book of Revelation Intersects with Today’s Headlines (Salem Books/Regnery Publishing, April 2, 2024) book, a profound exploration of current events and biblical prophecies. The book, authored by Pastor Begley and Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and bestselling author Troy Anderson, promises to be a source of insight and revelation, offering a unique perspective on the signs of the end times.

Revelation 911: How the Book of Revelation Intersects with Today's Headlines Hardcover – March 26, 2024

Get ready for a charged and power-packed experience as Co-Founders Pastor Paul Begley and Troy Anderson addresses the rising darkness, the spirit of destruction, and unfolding events in these end times. The message is clear: as we navigate through the complexities of our world, we need the light of God's wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit.

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A Prayer for “Revelation 911: Decoding Prophecy with Pastor Paul Begley and Troy Anderson”

Dear Heavenly Father,

As we embark on this exploration of the book of Revelation with Pastor Paul Begley and Troy Anderson, we seek Your guidance and wisdom. Bless the words that are shared, that they may resonate with truth and understanding. May this journey into biblical prophecy be a source of enlightenment for those who engage with it. Guide the readers to discern the signs of the times and draw closer to You in these uncertain moments. We lift this article, the Revelation 911 book, and the message it carries into Your hands. May it inspire hearts, foster hope, and lead many to a deeper connection with You.

In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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