The Esther Call: Beauty from Ashes Prayer Team

Isaiah 22:22: “I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

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Welcome to The Esther Call: Beauty from Ashes Prayer Team

Join our prayer team and step into a sacred space where the transformative power of faith and prayer takes center stage – welcome to The Esther Call: Beauty from Ashes Prayer Team. Our theme, drawn from the profound words of Isaiah 61, resonates with God's promise to bring beauty from ashes. Anchored in the unwavering foundation of Isaiah 22:22, we trust in the Lord's faithfulness to hear and answer our prayers.

Esther's Call - Beauty from Ashes

A heartfelt welcome is due to you, a valued member of our prayer team. The inspiration in naming our group "Esther's Call: Beauty from Ashes" is nothing short of beautiful and meaningful. This name encapsulates the essence of Esther's story and the transformative power that faith and prayer can bring. It communicates the hope and restoration we believe prayer can manifest, making it both memorable and purposeful.

Mission of The Esther Call: Beauty from Ashes Prayer Team

In alignment with our mission, inspired by Isaiah 61, we place our trust in God's promise to bring beauty from ashes. Standing firmly on Isaiah 22:22, your role as a vital member of this prayer team is pivotal in uniting our intercessors. Thank you for embracing this responsibility and contributing to the transformative power of our collective prayers.

Initiatives for Fostering Prayer Community:

  1. Weekly Prayer Gatherings: Join your fellow Core Prayer Intercessors on Zoom for fervent intercession, where your presence and prayers will enrich these sessions.

  2. General Group Meetings: Every 1-3 months, we'll organize conferences for fellowship, encouragement, and updates. Esteemed speakers will address the group, imparting wisdom and sharing progress updates.

  3. Master Prayer Group Invitation: We invite all prayer team members to join The Esther's Call: Beauty from Ashes Prayer Group for collective intercession.

In the coming weeks, we'll collaborate to send regular newsletters, keeping the team encouraged, updated on project progress, and providing additional prayer requests. Our primary focus will be the Revelation 911 book and film project, a powerful work delving into biblical prophecy. Specific prayer points include divine inspiration, favor and resources, impactful message, and protection and covering.

Thank you for your commitment to The Esther's Call: Beauty from Ashes Prayer Team. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Let's continue this journey together, multiplying the power of our intercessory prayer teams. May our petitions bring forth God's transformative power for His glory.

In His Service,

Pastor Paul Begley and Troy Anderson